Meet the Team

Ko Ai

Ko is a Master’s student of Architecture, and was born in Taiwan. He is interested in sustainable architecture, affordable housing and natural building material. Ko is responsible for the project visuals.

Andrea Cuesta

Andrea has a Bachelor’s degree from Innovation and Design Engineering and is now studying in the Master’s program of Creative Sustainability in Real Estate. She is from Mexico. Andrea is the project manager.  

Nele cropped
Nele Korhonen

Nele is a Finnish land surveying engineer who studies in the Creative Sustainability in Real Estate Master’s program. She has experience in involving locals into urban planning and examining urban culture. Nele is responsible for the media/communication of the project.

Kelly Purcell

Kelly is from the US and is studying in the Master’s program of Creative Sustainability in Real Estate. Her undergraduate degree is from environmental policy and architecture. Kelly is the webmaster and the editor of the project.

Joseph Savage

Joseph is a Master’s student of Collaborative and Industrial Design, and his background is in industrial design. He is from the United Kingdom. Joseph’s role in the project is in planning, organizing and facilitating the workshops.

Anu Vehmaa

Anu is a Finnish student of the Master’s program of Water and Environmental Engineering. She is also a researcher with a PhD in marine biology. Anu is responsible for the financing of the project.

Kristjana Adalgeirsdottir

Kristjana Adalgeirsdóttir´s research focus is on humanitarian construction, sustainable project management in emergencies and cultural sensitivity in reconstruction. She is an experienced and certified project manager and has led various projects in different fields. Member of Finn Church Aid Humanitarian Roster. Kristjana is the teaching mentor for the LIFT 2017 team.

In partnership with:


Mentor: Pasi Aaltonen Coordinator of Innovations, Collaboration, and Construction

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